Easergy MiCOM P24x
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Rotating Machine and Motor Protection Relays

Easergy MiCOM P24x relays offer advanced protection, control and monitoring of motors and rotating machines. Models available: MiCOM P241, MiCOM P242, MiCOM P243


The Easergy MiCOM P24x versatility provides comprehensive protection for both induction and synchronous machines.

Features enhance power system diagnostics and fault analysis
Easergy MiCOM P24x offers numerous features that ensure complete machine protection. Its comprehensive range of measurement, control and monitoring features enhance power system diagnostics and fault analysis.

Improved machine monitoring and easier maintenance
Easergy MiCOM P24x’s comprehensive protection package includes 87 differential protection and optimization of thermal image monitoring for machines.

These relays not only improve monitoring conditions, but they also facilitate machine maintenance and save on wiring costs.
User Programmable Curve Tool Application Software:
The User Programmable Curve Tool provides the following features:
  • Creation of user-defined curves and flexible download/upload of operating and reset curves into/from Easergy MiCOM Px4x range of relays.
  • User-friendly graphical user interface for easy creation and visualization of curves either by inputting formula or data points.
   Easergy MiCOM P241 – Motor management relay
   Easergy MiCOM P242 – Motor management with extended I/O (Digital Inputs and Digital Outputs)
   Easergy MiCOM P243 – Motor management, integrated  Differential  protection with extended I/O and enhanced operator control functions

Housed in standard 40TE, 60TE or 80TE, 4U case sizes, Easergy MiCOM relays offers a complete and scalable range of motor protection with serial and Ethernet communications, including IEC61850 and a multi-language HMI featuring English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

Latest communication protocols & Ethernet Redundancy (available now in P241, P422 & P243)
Fully Equipped with the latest communications protocols (IEC61850 Ed1 & Ed2 available in the same device, selection by setting).
Maximum availability and reliability of Ethernet communications thanks to the implementation of PRP/HSR standard redundancy protocols with an instantaneous recovery time (0 ms) in case of network failure.
Dual IP address allows the device to be connected to 2 independent communication networks (e.g, SCADA system network & Maintenance network)
Universal IRIG-B input (automatically detects modulated or unmodulated signal)

Major enhancement to Cybersecurity
Operational & Cybersecurity, compliant to IEC 62351, helps protect installations with security based on embedded features such as Role Based Access Control (RBAC), Port Hardening, Security Logs and Access Traceability. The IED by default includes RBAC with different users defined and a Security Administrator.

Standard Manufacturers Warranty: 2 years
Extended Warranty: Up to 10 years (product registration required)


Easergy MiCOM provides long-proven experience in motor protection:
  • Comprehensive protection for both induction and synchronous machines
  • Machines differential function (87)
  • Optimize the machine thermal image monitoring
  • Facilitate and provide an aid to maintenance
  • Improve monitoring conditions
  • Save wiring cost
  • Reduce additional transducers or measurement devices
  • Programmable Scheme Logic and Programmable Curves allow easy customization of protection and control functions


Easergy MiCOM P24x is more than a conventional protection relay. They offer numerous additional functions for Protection, Monitoring, Diagonsis, Fault Analysis Tools and Maintenance Aids, which make them suitable and crucial for a wide range of applications, such as:

Compact and especially developped and designed for rotating machines, P24x relays perform an essential role in many industrial processes and generation with the following demands:

  • Medium sized and large rotating machines
  • High inertia machines
  • Differential protection
  • Wide range of starting and stalling currents and times
  • Wide range of thermal withstand under balanced or unbalanced conditions

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